We Must Complete the Revolution!

One of the very finest human beings we’ve been so fortunate to have amongst us, a TRUE LEADER and AMERICAN HERO, has passed. Rest In Power Fine Sir, Senator John Lewis.


Join our phonebank to win back the Senate!! #OrganizeToWinhttps://www.mobilize.us/ourrevolution/event/362948/


UPDATE – AUG 2020: Now, only weeks since he died, the voting system is under the largest fascist attack in our history via the fascist terrorist’s assault on the United States Postal Service. This core part of our Democracy, the United States Postal Service, was founded IN OUR CONSTITUTION!! Now, the fascist’s on the Board that selects the head of the Service has selected an individual HELL BENT on the destruction of our Post Office and Our Government.  He must be removed and held accountable for his obstruction of our vote and his attempted efforts to destroy The United States Postal Service.


Watch The Democratic National Convention starting August 17th at 8pm Central Time!


Fascist States of America

The racist fascist orange koolaid clown wanna-be dick-tater-tot has declared war on American Citizens. Soon we’ll be where we’ve been headed for the last 15 years. Our journey into fascism is now only a few steps from being over.

Speak up. Vote. Allow those infected by their evil race hate and ignorance to come to their senses and be willing to forgive them. Don’t ever stop fighting to educate, love, and grow.

THEY ARE EVIL CONSERVATIVE STUPID CHICKEN-LITTLE CAVE PEOPLE WORKING TO SPREAD HATE AND DEATH. We will not take their abuse. I WILL TAKE NO BULLY’S ABUSE! I will invite them to give up evil fascist hate, racism, murder, and death and join us to fight for the return of the American Dream and the end of American Slavery. No more racism. No more minimum legalized slave wages. No more healthcare for corporate employees only. NO MORE!

I beseech the racists to desist or suffer the ravages they seek to put upon us. Not because WE’LL make it happen. BUT, BECAUSE THEY WILL. THEY ARE!!

We each need to decide what we want and what we will pay for it. Because the hounds from hell we used to call our neighbors, our friends, our family, who have decided to become satan on earth, will not rest. They will continue to bring hell to earth and death and destruction and grow hate and putrid sickness as they do now. Suckers to their wealthy masters’ bullshit lies and propaganda. An age old method of destroying a democracy from the inside. SUCKERS THEY ARE. Education and fair wages will eventually change our society. Or, we shall PERMANENTLY BE The Fascist States of America.

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

And let’s MAKE AMERICA GOOD & HEALTHY and Save Our Constitutional Government, Our Country, Our Families, Our Society, The Air, The Water, Human Life on Earth.


Fifth Avenue USA

The way forward. Stay alive & vote. We’ll restart our Constitutionally based Country with the blend of government types balanced such that a fair and competitive capitalism can thrive along with the people in the country. ALL OF THEM! Because we can! If given the tools and opportunity instead of the bull shit and lies we’ve been getting.

Step 1 – VOTE and start a Good & Healthy America to repair the damage done by the nationalist fascists.
Step 3 – THEN, we can focus on real solutions to real problems. Being rid of those created for us by the billionaire class racist fascist nationalists.
Step 4 – International Tax Law, with proceeds going equally to the countries of citizenship, to apply to all humans on earth. 100% Tax on personal assets over $100 million.

Vote because come November, we restart our Constitutionally based governmental transition. In January the nightmarish Trump Crisis can end.

Then we turn the corner to a green future and a new American Dream that WILL BE REAL!
Security through employment with living wages and the recovery of the American Manufacturing Capabilities we’ve lost. Security for each person and for our entire country and our entire planet. For, by being the international melting pot symbolized by our Statue of Liberty, a gift to us by our foreign partners in life on earth, we can become the great country we started to be and this time removing the racism and threats to every person’s rights to
Let’s Clean Up the Swamp & Fifth Avenue
For Now, Be Well!


UPDATE: HEADED TO 200,000 Murdered By Nazi Party obstruction, lies, and
Murderers they ARE!

Long planned theft of American homes boosted by covid!

Hateful People have been Ignorantly calling ME a Left-Wing Radical!

To be on the left is to say you are a socialist. Socialism is defined as a government where all the markets are owned and controlled by government. They run the businesses, hire people to fill the jobs, they keep the profits to build infrastructure, pay wages, etc. The idea is that a well-run socialist country could be a utopia with the best of all resources provided to the citizens equally.

I’m against that and so are real Democrats. A citizen democrat. Not a corporate Democrat who has sold out to the money in politics. A real Democrat who supports the United States Constitution and that for which it stands.

Our constitution provides and establishes a blend of different forms of government. The socialist aspect of the constitution is embedded within the constitution itself. It establishes the United States Post Office which has sole control over postal functions.

A living document, the Constitution is supposed to change over time to adapt to the real world so that it can continue to serve and fulfill the goals it has outlined. Just as our laws are supposed to. The first example is the Bill of Rights. A group of Amendments which outlined further what was intended by the founding fathers in the Constitution.

Over time Postal routes became roads, technologies changed, farming changed, and progress happened. Some of the changes have regrettably not been consistent with the intention of the constitution and some have.

Protecting the health of the American citizens we established Medicaid and Medicare. Protecting the financial health and old age of the American citizens established Social Security. Protecting every person’s right to pursue life Liberty and happiness, we established antitrust laws to keep our marketplace fair and competitive for everyone. To provide a means of raising capital for larger businesses that had become successful as smaller businesses we established the stock market. Changes which supported the ability of small companies to be established and grow was the result of the rise of Labor unions and the establishment of fair wage minimum wage laws.

See ‘The New York Times’ Article:
What Happened to America’s Political Center of Gravity?

As the right and fascism have gained more momentum since it last raised its ugly head before and was put down during World War Two. Those forces have waged a new war by some of their wealthiest members like the Koch brothers, powerful members like Hoover, Nixon, and Reagan all working against the intentions of our constitution. Nixon promoting the ‘southern strategy’ and heading a criminal conspiracy to retain power, Watergate.

Reagan attacked the labor unions who previously forced the oligarch class to honor our Constitution and our society and he changed the laws regarding CEO compensation with stock. That provided the tools needed to destroy our competitive markets and the stock market. Converting the stock market into the gambling arena for the wealthy that it has become. The place where they share their stolen profits gained by paying labor a legalized minimum slave wage. Denied Healthcare by our government as other nations do, our’s has been profitized and corporatized and is the tool of leverage to control labor and divide us. The ‘have healthcare’ and the ‘have nots’. 


7 Ways 2020 Has Exposed America

A catastrophic storm, a deadly pandemic, massive wildfires, an economic crisis that's left millions unemployed, and now, vigilantes killing people in the streets as thousands of protesters stand up against racial injustice and police killings.2020 has exposed America.

Posted by Robert Reich on Friday, August 28, 2020


The tools that were used to destroy the competitive markets were the CEO’s. Motivated by their greed. They know they are telling lies while they say their obligation is to bring profits to the shareholders as an excuse to destroy the organization, society, and shareholders as they whittle it down to eventually sell it to the oligarchs. Not honorable businessmen protecting their customers and their society but destroying them for their personal gain. GREED. Pure, vile evil, and simple when enabled by perversions placed in our laws by some who thought they were doing good and many who knew they were not.

The CEO’s enabled by the ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’ star’s assault on labor unions and perversion of the stock compensation laws, trimmed operations and payroll to get short term profits, retire, get their golden balloons, and get their stock converted quickly before they fail as they planned. When those companies later failed because they were stripped for short term profits with no investments in labor, equipment, or growth, the oligarchs bought them up.

Then they did it to our family homes and equities in 2008.

Then they did it to our environment, laws, healthcare, decency, our Constitution, human life on this planet, goodness itself. So much so that if we don’t change course NOW, soon the earth will be peaceful and beautiful and devoid of human life.

Without the benefit of a fair wage the people who used to start small businesses now must work two jobs and can’t save anything to start a business. If they could most Americans cannot afford to buy what they would produce anyway as they too are being paid a legalized minimum slave wage. Those fortunate enough to be in the top percentage with corporate medical insurance and sharing in those stolen profits have also provided the funding to the propaganda outlets joining in the efforts of the former John Birch society members like the Koch brothers.

I’m sickened to see that fascism and right wing thinking have so permeated our society that many now consider the efforts of good Democrats who are against socialism and communism , against fascist dictatorships led by individuals or oligarchies, and FOR a Middle-of-the-Road course fulfilling what our Constitution has provided for and are instead being scapegoated and called left wing radicals.

Such is the fight to get the Law and the Intent of our Constitution back and again quash the forces of evil. We must educate and inform against the propaganda. Educate to overcome the lack of historical perspective and knowledge denied to many by our education system which has also been under as attack by the extreme right as our labor unions and poor have been.

See the 14 defining characteristics of fascism, items 3, 11 and others, before you accuse good people of supporting, or even being, radical-left-wingers. You should consider what your position is, stop making accusations at others, and start supporting the efforts of good people who support our Constitution.

It is interesting and ironic that the fascist oligarchs running our government are acting like the socialists they accuse good Democrats of being. They own most of the means of production in our country. Specially the things only a fascist government and people would support their owning.

They own prisons for profit. They own the healthcare for profit. They own the medicine for profit. They own the child family death camps for profit. They are doing their best to own the police and judges for profit. More every day.

They used to own our representatives more and more over time. Now, they are the representatives and own the political offices for THEIR PROFITS instead of distributing that wealth to the American people, improving our infrastructure, improving the health, education, and general welfare of the American citizens as a good socialist government would. Or is intended a Constitutional government would.

They do not even honor some of those same intentions as is dictated by our Constitution and the oaths to it they took which we fight for. No, instead those profits going into their pockets. Just as they do in Russia and other fascist oligarchy run dictatorships. While they use fascist techniques of scapegoating, accusing their victims of doing and being what they themselves do. Project their evil onto minorities, the educated, and anyone who will get in the way of the destruction of all that is good. Use their money and control of the laws to destroy them and promote their racist, traitorous, fascist goals with their own propaganda networks of which, sadly, the primary propaganda outlet is now only one of many.

They almost have us fully there. In November we decide one way or the other and then we become the great country with the American dream, or they solidify their fascist dictatorship and we return the the late 1800’s with modern tools.

Learn the definitions of the various types of government. Learn the weapons the fascists use. If you want to do as the German people did and remain silent and allow the fastest to take what little of the intention of our constitution which remains away, then stay quiet. But, for all our l sake’s, please at the very least, don’t join the fascists in their false accusations or abuses. Do your responsibility as an American to vote wisely to eliminate the threat to us and our Constitution and by voting for Democrats.

To do otherwise is to become the final tool of our destruction. Acting just as the fascist’s want having spent vast amounts to change our government and brainwash you into becoming the tools granting their wishes. Don’t be the people who decided to destroy us and embrace ignorance, living in misunderstanding, and creating the new reality we seem to be headed for. A reality rightly called Hell-on-earth.

Don’t be a destroyer. Be a lover. Don’t be an ignorant conservative. Be a liberal like Jesus was. Be a progressive like good Democrats are. Like FDR was. Like Eisenhower and MLK, Kennedy, Arthur C. Clarke, and many other great liberal humanitarians. republican and democratic, were great progressives fighting for our future and warning us against the military industrial complex and greed, and evil, and death.

Learn, Grow, Love, and Vote wisely. Please

And don’t call a ‘devoted to life, liberty, and the pursuit of opportunity for all and happiness for as many as is possible Democrat’ a disgusting Anarchist, Socialist, Communist. Or, generally engage in the behavior found in the 14 defining characteristics of fascism and engage in scapegoating others. By doing so you define yourself for all to see that you one of them and not one of us.

Good Progressive Americans work together to honor, support, and grow the intentions found in our Untied States Constitution so much that even if you must embrace the sentiments outlined in our Declaration of Independence, you will! For certainly to do otherwise will result in the end of our democratic experiment on so large a scale it very well may end with the extinction of human life.

Live Long and Prosper

We expect all American Political Parties to support our Constitution with their efforts to protect and serve our society as they pledge to our Constitution when they or any citizen take office or attend school. We are required to learn the Constitution and we swear to protect it and our country from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

Those people who are the enemies and destroyers of what we have all sworn to do shall be educated into becoming a non-threat to us. Or, their threat to us shall be reduced to a rational minimum or eliminated as is required by the nature of the threat.

We are a place where freedom of ideas and speech are promoted. When people cross the line to yell fire in a theatre or to taking the rights of others, claiming it is their Constitutional right or to protect their rights, then they are what we shall be protected from.

Their threat to us shall be reduced to a rational minimum or eliminated as is required by the nature of the threat.

Currently, our laws say that to achieve that rational minimum the government can kill us. I would like to see us change that law soon after we get the money out of politics. Then we can again address the real threats which are not caused or enabled by that money.

With real democratically driven change by our society, which now has a majority who are educated and informed enough to not require an Electoral College, It too has been perverted to serve that which it was to protect us from. Just as the fascist have perverted our Cabinet. Each member destroying what each member is supposed to protect and promote. Voss destroys and underfunds public education, etc …. read – Google it, Learn – read until you also comprehend it. Grow as your brain becomes stronger and your mind gains understanding of our shared reality. When you understand what satan’s hands on earth are doing to us you too will join in ending fascism.

I do consider these fascists to be some of the most significant dangers to us and we are right to seek our goals as one would to protect ourselves from them. But, we also should protect those who’s illnesses threatens us as theirs do while we strive to become a better society where we can live freely to pursue life, liberty, and happiness while growing wiser and living longer.

We must not be allowing the fascist’s efforts to dumb us down and kill us sooner to succeed. The fascist oligarchs have been doing their damndest with lies, propaganda, and their political pens to get us to die sooner while making all the money they can doing so as THEY LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK ON THE RUINS OF OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR SOCIETY, ON THE RUINS OF HUMANITY AND MANKIND!

George Washington

“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.”

We expect all American Political Parties to support our Constitution with their efforts to protect and serve our society as they have pledged to US and OUR Constitution. When they become the tools of our destruction we expect them to be dismantled, destroyed, or converted to what they have sworn to uphold. Otherwise, we can not achieve, nor even have, an American Dream.

Live Long and Prosper by Learning, Growing, and Voting Wisely. ????